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About me and education:

When I was five years old my mother put me on the back of a horse and at that point a trainer was born. I dedicated every minute I had to training, competing and learning about horses. I found the best way to learn more was to relocated from Santa Cruz, California to Lake Oroville. I spent the majority of my time in the barn and saw an immense amount of success competing with my handler, owner trained horse Omego, I had since a foal.

Time moved on and Omego got older, I started a family but forever longed for the joy competition brought me. We decided the best thing for me to do was to perhaps consider dog sports and that is how this all began. I started competing in numerous venues in an attempt to find my niche. 

My beginning was in Service Dogs or America, titling a Cane Corso and working into AKC/UKC obedience with not just my own dogs but other owners as well. I have and still attend many seminars to keep my skills and knowledge fresh, from k9, nutrition,  to detection. Over the years I competed in countless venues with numerous breeds till I landed upon French Ring. It wasn't without struggle I had success, achieving a western regional vice champion, with a shelter pulled dog named Bane. Bane has gone on to also achieve a mondio ring 1 and a service dog of america title, ob1. He is currently 6 years old and enjoying retirement. Over the years I have tried just about every venue with not just myself in mind but my clients looking to do fun activities with their dogs; nosework, dockdiving, conformation, rally, barn hunt, etc. I think the only thing I have yet to try is agility. 

I am always looking for ways to further my education,  listed below are just a few of the seminars I have attended just in the past year.

I am extremely active in rescue and fostering Malinois. Please check out www.woofproject.org for available dogs or my available dog section

In June 2018 we attended a 4 day intensive seminar on imprinting odor, narcotics, competition nosework, and puppy selection. From this seminar we selected Frankie to come back with us to train for single purpose narcotics and be placed with her local police department working single purpose.

2017: Advanced e-collar training balanced training seminar with Humberto Bobadilla 

Humberto Bobadilla's [E-collar | Clicker Seminar - The Balance - A Happy & Precise Dog] 
A very educational and influential seminar for both trainers and handlers; focusing on the proper introduction, use, and training of e-collar with key associations to clicker training. [The basics of the clicker and E-collar, long distance control for every pet and every sport; how to give power to all of your commands]. 
- Also an explanation of how to compete in two different sports during the same weekend without confusing your dog, while making your dog happier. (source marvel k9)

2017: Ivan Balbanov Teaching without Conflict

2015-Current :Francois Massart, Marvel K9

I have been learning from Francois for the past few years. 




Mike Suttle, Logan Haus, June Seminar 2018 

This course is designed around three classroom lectures over three days, with a few hours of the practical application during each of those days. The topics covered include Operant and Classical Conditioning, Odor Detection, Drive Building and Grip Development, and Puppy Selection.
During this 3-day course the practical application portion of the class will be as follows:
Students will learn how to begin odor detection with a 7-10 week old puppy. They will teach the puppy to recognize one target odor, ignore many distractor odors such as food and toys, and perform a consistent search pattern.
Students will learn to shape basic behaviors with puppies, as well as shaping chickens in color and shape discrimination. Chickens make excellent training models for shaping behaviors due to their speed and the fact that they cannot be trained with force or aversive methods. This will help the student make huge improvements in his timing. The concept of color and shape discrimination with a chicken is very much the same as the concept of odor detection with a dog.
Students will also learn how to safely work grip development in a puppy, and how to correctly reinforce proper biting technique. They will learn how to teach the dog the way to control the adversary by applying and relieving pressure (stress) at the critical time to communicate to the dog that his behavior controls the fight. (source Marvel k9)

Chris Oliver, Placer Co. Sherriff & K9 Furst Detection LLC

February 2018-current 

Chris has been teaching me more about imprinting and odor detection past my limited drug and explosives background and applying it to pet owners in the civilian competition world of Nosework. Within 5 sessions of working with Chris with a 5-month-old French Bulldog, we certified him in 3 civilian odors at 9 months of age and as of yesterday, he identified 3 odors in 3 different classrooms at a school in less than 20 seconds.